About Lisa & Lou 

An Expert Behind Every Product 

    1. Who We Are

    2. Lisa & Lou is an online shopping destination that allows trained beauty professionals to sell a bespoke range of their favourite products; hand-picked and personalised for you!

      We are bringing together a unique group of people to grow a trusted community with a shared passion for all things beauty.

    1. Why Lisa & Lou Has Been Created?

    2. Through our decades of experience working in the professional beauty industry and witnessing the strength of relationship forged between a Therapist and their clients, we wanted to create a platform that allows everyone to benefit from the expertise of a trained beauty professional. 

      Lisa & Lou allows you to shop your most loved beauty products, helping you to maximise the results of your favourite salon treatments. 

    1. What We Offer

    2. Hand-picked and endorsed by our panel of professionals, Lisa & Lou products offer the very best quality from a select range of niche brands. 

      Add expert advice from our Pro Stars into the mix and we’ve got a winning formula for your beauty routine!

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